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Today’s business world is complex and fast-changing.  And yet the models by which all businesses (and organizations in general) can be evaluated for health and sustainability are relatively straightforward and easily assessed as “just common sense”.

How often do we lack the time or the means to step back and assess the fitness of our business consisting as it does of a fundamental mix of people, capital and assets (the most important most often being intellectual property, trade secrets and know-how)?  Is the balance between the 3 appropriate for your business to reach the goals you have set?  What are your strengths that need to be sustained and augmented?  What are the weaknesses that require a fix?  What resources do you need to achieve this?  And what are your priorities?

And that is just the “internal” environment of your business.  In the “external environment”, there are (1) any number of threats or challenges of varying magnitude and proximity in time; and (2) a range of opportunities that you would dearly love to pursue.


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This is what we do at Dunelm:

  • Situation assessment

  • Issue prioritization

  • Business plan amendments

  • Implementation chaperoning

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